🥇[Top10] The Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair Review 2020

The Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair – Blow Dryers For Curly Hair Review 2020

Girls do care about their personal appearance. It is claimed that pretty clothes, nice shoes and fashion accessories are not everything they are concerned about. Their hair is what they take pride in the most and bothers them the most. Different items have been used to nourish girls’ hair due to different types of hair. In this article, we will introduce the basic hair care products – hair dryers to girls with curly hair. Instead of letting you waste your time and money trying out each blow dryer available in the market, we list the top 10 best hair dryers for curly hair for you. Anytime when you want to purchase a curly hairdryer, this list of the best hair dryers for curly hair will benefit you tremendously.
best hair dryer for curly hair

Top 10 Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

  1. Remington Damage Protection Hair Dryer
  2. Nition Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer
  3. Jinri Hair Dryer
  4. John Frieda Full Volume Hair Dryer
  5. Jinri Hair Dryer with Diffused Technology
  6. Wazor Pro Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer
  7. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer
  8. Devacurl Ionic Hairdryer with Diffuser
  9. Ghd Air Hair Dryer
  10. Ghd Helios Hair Dryer

Top 10 The Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair Review 2020

1. Remington Damage Protection Hair Dryer


If you are looking for the best hair dryers for curly hair, Remington Damage Protection Hair Dryer definitely produces the desired effect. Remington Dryer keeps your hair in perfect condition due to 3X more protection offered by advanced coating technology and micro conditioner technology. The combination of ceramic + ionic + tourmaline grille and 1875 Watts max power lessens your hair drying time, yet it still gives your hair more shape and less frizz.

You can choose the most suitable airflow for your curly hair by using the three heat and two speed settings, and then you should turn on the cool shot button to keep your stunning hairstyle in shape. With a concentrator and a diffuser, it is more convenient to style your hair or create volume when you have your hair dry. Remington Dryer claims credit for the best hair dryer for curly hair. Now, take it and be chic in everyday life.

Highlighted features

– Micro – conditioners plus advanced coating technology for better hair protection

– 3 heat and 2 speed settings and a cool shot

– Removable air filter which can be cleaned easily

– Combo – concentrator and diffuser

-1875W max power for fast results


_Simple steps to dry your hair and style your curls

_More voluminous hair achieved

_Best protection against intense heat

_Healthy – looking, shiny hair


_Customers may have trouble with heating and speed systems

2. NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer


For those who need a well–equipped hair dryer for curly hair, NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer is a great choice. This NITION Dryer mainly leaves the fine volume and curl of your hair throughout your party, schooling or working day thanks to its special design for curly hair. Firstly, the ceramic coated air outlet filled with three ingridients – nano silver, argan oil and tourmaline provides a real benefit to your hair – healthier, more glossy and anti – static. Secondly, three attachments – diffuser, comb and concentrator – let you find your favorite curl pattern – loose, tight or kinky curls. Plus, NITION diffuse help dry the hair fast, even faster with 1875W motor.

Thirdly, with three heat settings and two speed settings, you can decide the correct temperature and airflow for your own hair type. Don’t forget to press the cool shot button if you want to set your hairstyle. Finally, a quality U.S ALCI satefty plug installed for automatic leakage protection makes NITION Dryer a reliable product. All of these things explain why we cannot eliminate NITION Dryer from top ten best hair dryers for curly hair.

Hightlighted features:

_Styling combo: removeable diffuser, comb & concentrator

_2 wind speed settings (low/high) and 3 heat settings (low/medium/high)

_Cool shot button

_Powerful 1875 Watts

_Safe Operation

_Removable air filter grille


_Get your hair done in a short time

_Get silky and thicker–looking hair

_Use without difficulty


_Only fits a certain hair length

_Sometimes the low setting of hairdryer does not work properly

3. Jinri Hair Dryer


Jinri Blow Hair Dryer is famous for giving a strong impression of being at a salon by its jet black cover and its function. This may explain why Jinri Dryer is one of the year 2020’s Top Ten best hair dryers for curly hair. With 1875-Watt AC motor, the blow dryer for curly hair brings out strong wind to dry your hair fast. The sound coming from the dryer is so low that customers can have enjoyable experience. The tourmaline ionic technology has been added with the purpose of making your hair soft and shiny and fight against damage and frizz.

Moreover, the infrared heat technology is there for drying your hair at lower heat and from inside out, improving your hair health permanently. This lightweight dryer also has three heat and two speed settings for you to get the desired airflow and a cool shot button for you to lock your beautiful hairstyle. Last but not least, the three attachments including Diffuser, Hair Pik and Concentrator Nozzle are definitely what you want for your fashion show. The Diffuser styles your curls; the Hair Pik builds volume while the Concentrator Nozzle concentrates the airflow for more targeted drying.

Highlighted features:


_Tourmaline ionic technology

_Infrared heat technology

_3 heat and 2 speed settings

  • 1 cool shot button

_3 attachments: Diffuser, Hair Pik and concentrator nozzle

_1875W AC motor

_Removable air filter

_Overheat protection and ALCI plug for safety reasons



_Quick drying

_Very small noise

_Long lifespan

_Smooth, bouncy hair


_Low button position is not convenient for users

4. John Frieda Full Volume Hair Dryer


If you want to take a curly hair blow dryer and avoid the unnecessary frizz, John Frieda Full Volume Hair Dryer is the perfect answer for you. Advanced ionic technology has been designed to protect your hair from any frizz and enhance the shine. This John Frieda Dryer is a handy and quick drying solution to curly hair because it is lightweight for customers to comfortably use at home or bring along on the journey and install with the powerful 1875W AC motor.

You can exploit the potential of the combo – three heat settings, two speed settings, two concentrators, one diffuser and rocker switches to dry curls and freely make different hairstyles with brilliant shine and volume. Finally, a cool shot technology shapes your final look for long-lasting hold. That is why this John Frieda Hair Dryer is in top ten best hair dryers for curly hair.

Highlighted features:

_Lightweight, powerful AC motor 1875W

_Advanced ionic generator

_Titanium ceramic-coated grille

_Cold shot button

_3 heat and 2 speed settings

_2 concentrators and 1 diffuser

_Professional rocker switches


_Fast hair drying

_Easy to style your curls, seal your style and sanitize the dryer

_Hair straightening usage included


_The dryer does not remain in good condition for a long time if used a lot

_Sold at a higher price compared to other similar dryers

5. JINRI Hair Dryer with Diffused Technology


We must tell you that JINRI Hair Dryer with Diffused Technology is an ideal 5 – minute curly hair dryer. Powerful 1875W AC motor featured in the dryer helps in drying your hair extremely fast, especially 45% faster than other hairdryers. Technologies include infrared heat drying hair in a protective way with 60% less frizz and ionic technology drying hair more speedily and adding soft texture to the hair. Various temperature and wind controls are very handy for users to adjust the correct airflow and manage hairstyle. While the diffuser is used to make your curly hair beautifully voluminous, the concentrator is used to make your hair smooth and silky. Those are basic usages making this JINRI Dryer listed top ten best hair dryers for curly hair.

Highlighted Features:

_1875W AC motor

_Infrared heat

_Tourmaline ceramic ionic technology

_2 attachments: diffuser and concentrator

_2 speed and 3 heat settings

_1 cool shot button

_Hanging loop guard

_Removable air filter


_Quick drying

_Long – lasting lifetime

_Shiny and healthy curly hair in the long – term

_Creating professional hairstyle easily


_Overheating after being used for a long time

_Some customers are not satisfied with the design

6. Wazor Pro Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer


Wazor Pro Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer cannot be missed from the list top ten best hair dryers for curly hair. This curly hairdryer has an amazing durability due to 4X longer lifespan promoted by its high-quality AC motor. The combination of drying power 1875W and airflow speed of up to 90 km/h surely saves your drying time, especially when you are in a morning rush. Compared to conventional heat, its far infrared heat allows the heating to go into the cortex of hair cuticles, from the inside out evenly and twice faster. Thanks to it, there is a protective shield for hair health. Compared to other ionic dryers, this product provides 100X more negative ions in order to make hair more nourishing, softer and less static. The three attachments, including a diffuser, a concentrator and a comb, help in building your favorite volume and hairstyle without any frizz, enhancing the shine, and getting silky hair. The basic two speed plus three heat settings and a cold shot are also involved to help in successful blow drying and styling. Wazor Hairdryer is a reliable product because of two – layer net and leakage protection plug installed.

Highlighted Features:

_Professional salon quality AC motor in long lifetime

_Power 1875W and speed of 90 km/h

_Far infrared heat

_Negative ion

_- Tourmaline technology

_2 speed, 3 heat settings and 1 cool chot button

_Combination of a diffuser, a concentrator nozzle and a wind comb

_Double safety net

_Removable air filter for easy cleaning

_Anti – leakage plug


_Shorter time for dry and glossy hair

_Easy styling


  • Diffusion and overheating can be the two technical problems

_Not as lightweight as other similar items available

7. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer


Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer serves as one of the best hair dryers for curly hair and there are reasons for that. In the styling tools market, BabylissPro is the top brand well – known for groundbreaking and effective products, with no exception for hair dryers. The dryer installed with powerful 2000W and Nano titanium technology releases tender heat for nice – looking hair. Along with negative ions offered, the dryer contains distinct total six heat and seed settings and two concentrator nozzles to give you the best hairstyle. This is definitely a dryer curly hair that girls all need.

Highlighted Features:

_ Power 2000W

_Nano titanium ionic technology used for static – free solution and closed cuticle

_Removable air vent

_Special 3 heat and 3 speed settings

_2 concentrator nozzles


_Beneficial product for every hair type

_Get smooth and thick hair quickly

_Lightweight and convenient

_User – friendly


_There were reports that the dryer is overheated and the motor was destroyed by heat

8. Devacurl Ionic Hairdryer with Diffuser


Devacurl Ionic Hairdryer with Diffuser is evaluated as one of the best hair dryers for curly hair because it is a great tool for all curly hair types. The best part of this product is hand – shaped DevaFuser which distributes 360 – degree airflow to the whole curls, even the hair root. With an effective design, Davacurl Dryer nourishes the curl and creates volume for the hair. Meanwhile, ionic technology reduces static and frizz state, making your hair look smoother. Like other dryers, this hair dryer that curly–haired girls desire has three heat and two speed settings, a cold shot button and a concentrator used to dry and define beautiful hairstyles for you.

Highlighted Features:

_Ionic technology

_1600W with an AC motor

_360 – degree airflow

  • _Handy design

_3 heat and 2 speed settings, 1 cold shot button and 1 concentrator


_ Similarly, the hairdryer fits different types of curly hair

_Heat is possible to spread out fully thanks to ion technology

_Intact curls and hairstyles are protected by the diffuser


_The dryer costs more than other similar items

_Durability is not always guaranteed

9. Ghd Air Hair Dryer


Of course the award – winning hair styling brand ghd’s products should be involved in top ten best hair dryers for curly hair. The curly hair blow dryer features 1600W with a removable air filter providing extreme airflow for quick drying. Ionic technology helps in cutting down on fizz and offering the final shiny salon–fashion look. You can choose the best airflow for your hair type and shape it with a cool shot button.

Highlighted Features:

_Powerful 1600W

_Removable air filter

_Advanced ionic technology

_Effective design for both left and right–handed customers


_3 heat, 2 speed settings and 1 cool shot button


_Double fast drying time

_Frizz–free and shiny hair

_Handy in nature


_A bit more expensive than other similar items

10. Ghd Helios Hair Dryer


This is another curly hairdryer from ghd brand in the ten best hair dryers for curly hair. Its 75mph strong airflow offered by ultra–powerful brushless DC motor is an effective solution to shortening drying and styling time to minimum. The technologies are more amazing. Aeroprecis TM technology goes with a bespoke contoured nozzle to define appropriate heat transmission and even airflow delivery, while advanced ionic technology improves the shine up to 30% without any frizz.

Therefore,  with such outstanding features, ghd is definitely one of the best hair dryers for curly hair that you should take into account.

Highlighted features:

  • Comes with 1600W motor
  • Ionic technology
  • Ergonomic design, suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users


  • Similarly, state-of-the-art ionic technology
  • Gives a salon finish in half the time
  • Can be held easily thanks to the handy design


_Only available in a limited edition
best hair dryer for curly hair

Buying Guide – Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

To buy the best hair dryers for curly hair, you cannot find ones without regarding different aspects, not just the price. Here is the list of aspects you should take into consideration to choose a desirable hair dryer:


Wattage is the power of electrical equipment measured in watts. Each type of hair needs a dryer with an appropriate power range. About 1000 – 1800 watts is fine for thin hair. The thicker your hair is, the more powerful a dryer should be. If you get thick curly hair, a powerful 3600-watt dryer is absolutely what you need. You are charged more for these products but do not have to worry about the quality.

Speed Settings

Generally, typical speed settings, which are usually found in the best hair dryers for curly hair, include high, medium and low speed. These three levels help you decide the proper wind speed for your hair type. The look of your hair is much better when you make use of the combination speed and heat settings.

Heat Settings

Similar to speed settings, there are three heat settings. Some dryers offer more heat setting choices for different demands. If you just care about curly hair, you should go for low or medium heat setting to make the hair shiny and frizz–free. The best hair dryers for curly hair always release airflow at low or medium heat.


Thin hair or thick hair needs its dryer built in suitable technology. Titanium, ionic and ceramic are the common technologies. The first one is for thick hair while the others are for thin hair. To make it easy, you should search the above top ten best hair dryers for curly hair. They are all adopted with advanced technology.

Cool Shot Button

All of the ten best hair dryers for curly hair contain a cool shot button. When you have dried and styled your hair completely, press this button to shape the final look. No matter how gorgeous your hairstyle is and how hard you work for it, you cannot keep it for a certain time without a cool shot button.


Similarly, many of the best hair dryers for curly hair have a convenient design for users. In order to hold a hair dryer comfortably, you must take into consideration the design. The size, structure, artificial hand glove or extra items all affect your experience.


Each attachment is used for a specific reason. While the diffuser extends the airstream to a wide area without causing frizz, the nozzle directs the airstream to the chosen area. One common point of attachments is that they help you use those best hair dryers for curly hair more conveniently.

Technical Support

Reading usage description is a must for hair dryer purchase. You should take a hair dryer whose usage information is presented in plain words rather than in complex terms. Especially to curly–haired girls, you need to make sure that the specifications and the requirement are relevant to each other. Don’t worry. The ten best hair dryers for curly hair generally go with easy usage and technical support.


Top ten best hair dryers for curly hair are popular brands of blow dry. It is undoubted that the brand is more important than the price. If you want a long–lasting hair dryer, a smooth texture of curly hair and frizz reduction, pay much attention to the brand.

Regional Settings

Even if you can choose one of the best hair dryers for curly hair, there are three things, (voltage, wattage and humidity) that you must check beforehand. The hair dryer must match regional electrical settings and the humidity of your living place to work effectively.
best hair dryer for curly hair


Is there any damage to the hair caused by dryers?

This is actually the first question coming to every user’s mind before or when they use hair dryers. Now the improved dryers, especially the ten best hair dryers for curly hair mentioned above, installed with advanced technology can nourish your hair rather than damage it. For example, ceramic or ionic dryers help thin and dry hair get healthier and shinier. Therefore, the answer is no, hardly.

Are there any solutions to very thick hair?

Yes, for sure. Thick hair matches its own perfect type of dryers, specifically Titanium blow dryers. On the list top ten best hair dryers for curly hair, we have already introduced products used for very thick hair. With these dryers, your thick and curly hair will be dried completely in some simple steps.

Is the hair burned by blow dryers?

Every user once again has doubts about dryer function. Heat settings of the ten best hair dryers for curly hair working in a reliable way help girls dry and style their hair easily. These settings do not exist to burn your hair.

Are there any essential extra precautions?

As mentioned before, hair care is every girl’s great interest. To prepare a blow dryer is only the first step to have nice-looking hair. After that, you should invest countless protective hair products such as hair oil, hair cream, shampoo and conditioner. Use the best hair dryers for curly hair and quality protective hair products together for the best result.

Can we use hair dryers every single day?

Why not? Why don’t we appear with gorgeous hair every day? You can use one of the ten best hair dryers for curly hair to create a trendy hairstyle daily. However, that works as long as you depend on the best hair dryers for curly hair – truly high-grade blow dryers. Remember that only high standard products are what we need and use.

Is it possible for us to deal with the hair on our own instead of finding a salon?

Undoubtedly. This is why we introduce top ten best hair dryers for curly hair to you. Blow drying can be successful effortlessly so that we no longer need to spend time at the salon. But you must read the instructions thoroughly and use dryers carefully. Until you become familiar with these best hair dryers for curly hair, they are just a piece of cake.

Is there any hair loss caused by drying hair?

There are two circumstances that blow drying can lead to hair loss. The first one is when you work on the dryer wrongly and choose a low-quality blow dryer. The second one is when you go for a wrong type of blow dryer and use it in an unsuitable way, then you may hurt your scalp and get hair loss. In general, when everything is done properly, blow drying using the ten best hair dryers for curly hair is impossible to cause hair loss.

Is there any damage to curls caused by drying hair?

No way. There is no way that a right blow dryer contributes to damaged curls. Furthermore, with the ten best hair dryers for curly hair, you can nourish and hold your curls even better because negative ions help preserve curl pattern, an advanced ion blow dryer work its magic and absolutely create no curl loss.
best hair dryer for curly hair

Conclusion – Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

Out of the best hair dryers for curly hair mentioned above, which hairdryer do you fall in love with? Truly finding out the most suitable blow dryer for each type of curly hair is not a simple job as there are far many products available in the market and many aspects to consider. However, with this top 10 best hair dryers for curly hair, you can confidently invest in one of those and have no regret with it. Let’s make curly hair no longer a problem, work hard for it and shine with the most attractive look.

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