🥇[Top9] The Best Hot Tools One Step Blowouts Review 2020


The Best Hot Tools One Step Blowouts Review 2020

Are you looking for the best Hot Tools one step blowouts?

If you are one of those people who can brag about their naturally black hair, you should understand that we, along with millions of others, envy you for that. However, as proud as a black hair owner can be, you know for sure that is it not easy to dry and style your hair.

Chances are that you have tried and done many experiments with various nurturing formulas, but do you really know the secret behind always looking great? The secret is getting the best blow dryer for natural hair.

That brings us to the topic of discussion: how to get the perfect natural hair blow dryer. Our research team has done the work for you and put together a list of Hot Tools one step blowouts. You can rest assured because we have analyzed and identified top-rated models that will prove to be of service to your hair and overall appearance.

And of course, all the units on this list are from reputable brands that are known to be capable of taming natural hair. If you want to find the best Hot Tools one step blowouts on the market right now, make sure to finish the rest of our article.
best Hot Tools one step blowouts

Best Hot Tools One Step Blowouts

  1. Hot Tools Professional Black Gold One Step Dryer & Volumizer
  2. Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One Step Dryer Volumizer
  3. Hot Tools One-step Detachable Blowout Volumizer
  4. Hot Tools Professional One Step Blowout Styler
  5. Hot Tools Ultimate Heated Brush Styler
  6. Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Multi-Styler
  7. Hot Tools Professional Silicone Bristle Hot Brush Styler
  8. Hot Tools Professional Heated IONIC Hair Styling Brush
  9. Hot Tools Professional 1” Hot Air Styling Brush

Top 9 Best Hot Tools One Step Blowouts Review

Hot Tools Professional Black Gold One Step Dryer & Volumizer


The slogan of Hot Tools is “Big blowouts come in small packages”. And that still applies for this Hot Tools one step blowout from the brand: The Professional Black Gold One Step Dryer & Volumizer. Equipped with a barrel, the model is designed to be small in size yet big on performance. The unit is perfect for shorter hair lengths, adding loose curls, and for creating those gorgeous one-step blowouts.

The Hot Tools proprietary Black Gold styling surface performs as exceptionally and elegantly as it looks. With the Micro-Shine finish, the unit is able to minimize friction and reduce any potential damage for a healthier-looking hair. In addition, the featured Direct ION Technology helps to smooth over frizz as you work your way down your hair, leaving behind only silky and shiny strands. Furthermore, the model comes with a H11 Oval brush head, designed to add more volume during the styling process. The detachable layout allows you to take the dryer with you anywhere.

Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One Step Dryer Volumizer


Considered one of the best Hot Tools one step blowouts on the market right now, the Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One Step Dryer Volumizer is a dependable styling tool in every way. Starting with the design, the dryer features a super versatile oval brush, whose sides are gently curved to smooth out your hair, and rounded edges that help craft volume from the roots down to the very ends. The styling surface of the model also comes with 24K Gold Technology, delivering even heat distribution for consistent results.

Along with the Direct ION Technology, this is among the best Hot Tools one step blowouts that can help maintain a neutral charge on the hair’s surface, leaving the hair looking conditioned while keeping the frizz away for a shiny and healthy-looking mane. In addition, the dryer includes the state-of-the-art Boar Tech 2 Bristles, providing a silky glide for the perfect styling results.

Hot Tools One-step Detachable Blowout Volumizer


As beauty enthusiasts ourselves, we always wish to be able to go for a salon-quality blowout every single day. However, with such a high degree of self-care like that, we would not have enough budget nor the time to do so. As one of the Hot Tools one step blowouts, the Hot Tools One-step Detachable Blowout Volumizer will elevate your hair styling routine to that of a beauty salon one. The dryer comes with a unique H7 Oval design, ensuring gorgeous one-step blowouts every time. Furthermore, with the smooth-flow bristle and special vent pattern, you can dry your hair exceptionally fast. At the same time, the thermaglide ceramic coating will ensure even heat distribution and a healthy shine. Moreover, the boar tech bristles with silk glide will effortlessly detangle tresses while you can focus on finishing your sleek look.

Hot Tools Professional One Step Blowout Styler


The Professional One Step Blowout Styler is one of the Hot Tools one step blowouts. The unit is a very capable tool with unmatched technology, and a unique design to deliver perfect results in no time. With the unique shape, the model is able to create lift at the roots, and craft curled ends consistently for gorgeous effects with every use. In addition, the device features uniquely designed airflow vents that not only help styling faster but also provide efficient drying contact. As part of the Black Gold product line – the industry-leading Hot Tools one step blowout, this styling tool comes with a styling surface that provides an exceptional experience even for a skilled stylist. There is also a rotating temperature control with three speed settings, enabling great versatility and performance on all hair types.

Hot Tools Ultimate Heated Brush Styler


The Ultimate Heated Brush Styler, the newest Hot Tools one step blowout signature series, is designed to provide salon-quality styles longer even in the comfort of your own home. What special about this model is you will not need any washing prior to the drying process. Just turn it up and start styling. The unit is built with tested technologies for optimal performance and long-lasting effects. From Direct ION technology to Thermaglide ceramic coating, the Ultimate Heated Brush Styler will keep your hair healthy and shiny while protecting it from any potential damage from high heat exposure. With all these jam-packed features, this Hot Tools one step blowout will give you piece-of-mind in styling. Furthermore, equipped with the H7 Oval design, the unit can help smooth out, shape, and add volume to your mane.

Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Multi-Styler


Being one of the best Hot Tools one step blowouts, the Professional Black Gold Multi-Styler guarantees that great hair day of ours last forever. With a styling surface designed to support the highest levels of heat, the model can distribute the temperature evenly, avoiding hot and cold spots. The unit is built to be durable and capable of withstanding extreme wear and tear. In addition, the dryer is coated with a layer of Micro-Shine finish that resists corrosion caused by regular use of styling products.

Furthermore, as of one the best blow dryer for natural hair from Hot Tools, the model is equipped with Direct ION Technology that minimizes friction, flights frizz, and helps reduce damages. Along with the trademark H12 Oval Design, as one of the Hot Tools one step blowout series, the model can help smooth, shape, and adds volume to keep your hair fresh. Moreover, with the Refresh MAX Activated Charcoal, the Smoothflow bristles will gently work through your hair strands for a more polished look.

Hot Tools Professional Silicone Bristle Hot Brush Styler


Known as one of the Hot Tools one step blowout to get, the Professional Silicone Bristle Hot Brush Styler can cut down your styling time significantly. With this unique tool, you can easily add and create beautiful hairstyles. With the addition of the ceramic barrel, the model features flexible silicone brush that only gently grips onto your hair without putting too much pressure on it. Furthermore, the temperature can be controlled by simply turning the rheostat dial up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. While this styler is one of the Hot Tools one step blowouts at virtually any length and type, it is most suitable for short hair due to the 1-inch barrel size. With the rubberized, you can grab onto the unit comfortably and securely.

Hot Tools Professional Heated IONIC Hair Styling Brush


Many people consider the Professional Heated IONIC Hair Styling Brush one of the nicest Hot Tools one step blowout stylers because it helps create smooth, voluminous hair and curls. The model features an ionic generator that helps reduce frizz and build gorgeous, healthy-looking hair. However, do keep in mind that this brush is not intended to dry your hair. The superior barrel is built to guide hair into the perfect results every time. With the intuitive control scheme of “Off/On/Ion On” and the advanced LED display, you can easily navigate and adjust the settings to your likings. Speaking of settings, the Ionic generator can help reduce frizz significantly. Additionally, the unit is Dual-Voltage certified, perfectly ideal for the traveling lifestyle.

Hot Tools Professional 1” Hot Air Styling Brush


The Professional 1” Hot Air Styling Brush is one of the Hot Tools one step blowout stylers on the market currently. The unit is equipped with a multi-vent barrel as well as multiple temperature settings, ensuring you an easier time creating gorgeous, full-bodied curls, regardless of hair types. The unique barrel features a sets of flexible, ball-tipped bristles, which can help gently comb and pull strands taut for smooth results after every use.

As one of the Hot Tools one step blowouts, the model comes with a curl release that allows easy barrel adjustments and rotations, preventing any sort of hair entanglement during the styling process. Furthermore, there is a cool tip that not only adds more to the user’s protection, but it can also be unscrewed for easy cleaning. To top it all off, the Hot Tools Professional 1” Hot Air Styling Brush is also backed with a 7-year limited warranty for those unfortunate times.

Buying Guide – Best Hot Tools One Step Blowout

Are you ready to learn more about natural hair blow dryers? Then this buying guide is the one for you. Our team’s main goal is to analyze the most important features and specifications of these appliances. Keep reading this article if you want to know how to choose the Hot Tools one step blowout that suits your needs.

As you might have already known, picking a blow dryer for natural hair is not like a walk in the park. It is, in fact, a pretty hard thing to do due to the highly individual specifications. If you have black hair, chances are your strains are very dense and strong. However, if natural hair can also be sensitive and thin. As a result, the main characteristics of your hair should be particularly taken into consideration.


Natural black hair is typically coarse and strong; it is not easy to tame, and more often than not, even harder to dry and style. This is why you should look for the strongest blow dryer that the market has to offer. Some models are equipped with powerful motors of up to 2000W or even more. Having said that, the standard ratings normally range from 1300 to 1800W. If your hair is not too dense, these units are more than capable enough to get the job done without making your hair exceptionally coarse.

Heat & Speed Settings

There are two ways the power of Hot Tools one step blowout stylers can affect their performance. As a matter of fact, the power determines how much heat and speed the device can achieve.

While most standard natural hair blow dryers feature two temperature settings, some models on the market right now come with multiple heat adjustments. Additionally, Hot Tools one step blowouts do include adjustable speeds. And in some models, both speed and heat adjustments are available.

It is also worth to mention the inclusion of the Cool Shot function, which is often built-in to the blow dryers themselves to further help with the hair styling. Moreover, the function aids in keeping your hair strands in place and maintaining your desired style for much longer.

Material & Durability

Usually, the Hot Tools one step blowouts are made of plastic. The durable materials can be mold into many different designs with a variety of colors. Thus, you can go all out and choose a model that meets your style if aesthetics really matters that much to you.

When it comes to parts of the Hot Tools one step blowout styler, the heater is probably the most crucial component. In most cases, the manufacturers use heaters made of ceramic since the material offers the best ratio between price and quality. Furthermore, ceramic is known for not only its high heat capability but also for its long-lasting characteristic. And more often than not, you can stumble upon a tourmaline-and-ceramic-mixed blow dryers. The tourmaline is added to help minimize potential frizz and hair damage.

Besides the three mentioned above, titanium is another material that can be used in making hair dryer. Titanium is exceptionally durable and long-lasting while at the same time, it is also very capable of reaching extreme temperature quickly.

Infrared Blow Dryer

Going through the product descriptions of all Hot Tools one step blowouts, you might find that the manufacturer brags a lot about their state-of-the-art infrared technology. This kind of technology is very useful for those with sensitive hair as well as those who want to minimize hair damage.

Infrared blow dryer uses infrared waves (IR waves) to dry your hair from the inside out. That way, the outer layer of your hair strains can stay unaffected and you are less likely to risk damaging your lovely mane.

Ionic Technology

Another buzz word that manufacturer tends to use for their Hot Tools one step blowouts is ionic technology, which is often found in tourmaline appliances.

The purpose of this kind of technology is to emit negative ions. Once these negative ions reach your hair strains, will combine with the positive ones, which are known to be the main cause of frizz, and essentially neutralize them. As a result, you should be able to see significant reduction in frizz during your blow-drying process.

Unless you have frizzing problem, ionic technology is more of a ‘good to have’ rather than a vital function. In fact, using a device with ionic technology can lead to unwanted styling results like disappointingly flattened hair.

Optimal Cord Length

Now, if you think the cord length of the Hot Tools one step blowout does not matter much, you are dead wrong. The cord length, to some extent (pun intended), can affect the performance of the blow dryer a lot. There are actually two ways for it to promote ease of use:

  • Tangle-free: as the name implies, this kind of cords will not get tangled. Even at long length, these models are still very useful, and you can easily maneuver them in any way you see fit without worrying about tangling problems.
  • Optimal length: the factor that determines the optimal cord length is how close the power socket is to where you use blow dryer. In other words, if there is an electric socket nearby, you might not need a particularly long cord. However, if the socket is across the room, a longer cable will be more beneficial. Having said that, the standard length of a cord is 6 feet.

Ergonomic Handle

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional. You want to feel as comfortable as possible while operating the Hot Tools one step blowout. And the most crucial component that determines the comfort level is the handle.

One of the first things that you should look at is how ergonomic is the handle. Thankfully, most manufacturers make use of the same design that has become an industry standard.

With an ergonomic design. You can grab the handle more comfortably and have an easier time maneuvering the blow dryer in all directions.

The next feature that you should consider is the non-slip design of the handle. Obviously, you would not want the blow dryer to slip out of your hand in the middle of the drying procedure. Not only can the drop ruin the results, but it can also prevent the device from functioning properly.

Safety Features

As long as you buy the Hot Tools one step blowouts from reputable sources, such as the ones on this list, you will not have to worry about the products safety features.

Normally, you can look for a product’s certificates in its description. Certain attachments can even contribute to the device’s safety features since they will keep the top of the dryer away from your hair and fingers.

Some models have protective gloves. Your hands will not burn. There are even units that come with an automatic shut-off function which will turn the device off if it stays on for too long.


You should look for these features if you plan to bring your Hot Tools one step blowout with you during those traveling trips:

  • Size and foldability: a small dryer is super convenient to have for traveling. Besides from the size, a foldable model can potentially be very useful. That way, you can fit it anywhere in your bags.
  • Weight: it goes without saying that the lighter the dryer, the easier it is to be carried around for traveling. However, some people do not like it when the unit is too light as they will not be able to control it properly.
  • Dual voltage: this is a great addition to have as you can fit the blow dryer in any power socket. And basically bring it to anywhere in the world.

best Hot Tools one step blowouts

FAQs – Best Hot Tools One Step Blowouts

What is natural hair?

According to our experts, hair whose texture has not been changed in any way is considered natural. This, in turn, means that artificial extensions or wigs, which alter the hair’s length and fullness, are not natural hair. To some people, dying your hair also means your hair is no longer natural. Even if the texture remains the same.

How often should you blow dry natural hair?

There is not a definite answer for this kind of question. In fact, some experts believe that you can blow dry your hair every day, as long as you wash it regularly. However, others also think that blow drying your hair too much can lead to long-term damage and negatively affect its overall health. These people would not recommend treating your hair like that for more than twice a week.

In the end, it is all up to you. If you like a style that requires blow-drying every day, go for it. However, do keep in mind that your hair will need some care products to preserve the health of the strains.

How to protect your hairstyle from getting ruined overnight?

While you cannot control your movement during your sleep, there are a number of tricks to help you care for and protect your hairstyle until the morning. You can start by braiding or twisting your hair to maintain its texture. In addition, you can try wrapping up your hair with a scarf and lie on a satin pillowcase.

Another way is to “pineapple” your hair. In other words, just tie your hair into a ponytail and keep it loose enough with a soft scrunchy to maintain the form of the hair.

How to dry natural hair correctly?

The Hot Tools one step blowout can significantly speed up the process of drying your hair. While allowing you to style it to the way you want. On the other hand, without a proper device, you might risk damaging your hair and even causing breakage.

Remember, natural hair is very sensitive and requires careful treatment every time. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to dry natural hair correctly.

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly first

The first step is to prep your hair properly. Start by washing it thoroughly and make sure to use an adequate combination of shampoo and conditioner for natural hair.

If you have enough time. It might be better to air dry your hair for a little bit before using the Hot Tools one step blowout. This will help minimize frizz and promote hair health.

While your hair is still wet, use a brush and give it a good stroke to detangle it. Once you have done this, your hair should be a lot easier to blow dry.

  1. Segment your hair

If you have natural hair, more often than not, it is of at least medium length. By splitting your hair into segments. You can speed up the drying process and improve the result as much as possible.

Normally, people would pick at least three sections for medium hair and more for longer ones. However, you are free to choose whatever number you feel like it. The basic idea is just to work through one segment at a time without touching any other strands.

Next, you need to apply some heat-protectant spray onto your hair. You can also opt for some additional water to moisturize the segment before the drying process. And do not worry if you accidentally apply too much water since it will evaporate during the procedure.

  1. Adjust the desired temperature on the blow dryer

Now, it is time to turn on your hair dryer and set it to the temperature that you prefer. More often than not, you will need to turn to high heat because natural hair can be quite strong and dense.

Having said that, you should start with low heat first and then crank it up over time. Once you have found the suitable temperature, stick to it. If you have trouble drying or styling your hair properly, increase the heat setting.

Ultimately, the idea is not to damage your hair but to select the appropriate temperature.

  1. Dry one segment one by one

Work your way through each hair segment at a time. Remember to hold the device three to four inches away from the segment. A brush is not necessary but do attach the diffuser to the blow dryer. You should start by blowing the root and move toward the hair tip.

Repeat the process until your hair is completely dry.

What are the tips on drying natural hair?

Here are a few tips on maximizing the blow drying process.

  • Using the right hair products

Apart from choosing the best Hot Tools one step blowout, you will also need the right hair products. Natural hair requires a lot of proper nourishments so make sure to look for products with healthy ingredients.

Shampoo and conditioner are a great start. Additionally, you can apply some heat protectant spray before you begin drying. Finally, you can make use of a relaxer may allow natural black hair to keep the desired appearance for longer.

  • Positioning matters a lot

Remember those time when you went to the hair salon. And your stylists kept switching the positions of their Hot Tools one step blowout regularly? They did that to ensure your hair is dried equally.

You should use the same approach when you blow dry your hair at home. Do not be afraid to turn your hair upside down if you have to. That way, you can add more volume and quickly plow through your mane.

  • Using a microfiber towel

This kind of towels can help minimize frizz and pick up excess moisture. However, try not to be too rough on your hair; be gentle and maybe consider letting your hair air-dry for a few minutes before.
best Hot Tools one step blowouts


We hope that our buying guide has provided you with all the relevant information about the Hot Tools one step blowouts. Again, you should start by determining your hair type first. And then consider the device’s features that you want to have.

If you have black hair, which can withstand high temperature, you might need to look for a powerful blow dryer. If you travel around a lot, picking a light weight and foldable model would be much more ideal.

In the end, which Hot Tools one step blowout you should choose depends solely on your needs and expectations. So, take your time to consider your options. Once you have got that down, finding the perfect product will be a piece of cake.

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