🥇 How To Curl Hair With A Blow Dryer?

How To Curl Hair With A Blow Dryer?

Do you want to have a beautiful curly hair to hang out with your friends but you do not have a curling? Are you wondering how to curl hair with a blow dryer? Don’t worry, there are few tips to curl your hair with a blow dryer. In this article “How to curl hair with a blow dryer”, we list out necessary steps to curl hair with a blow dryer.
How to curl hair with a blow dryer

Things You May Need

  1. Small round brush
  2. Clips or bobby pins
  3. Hair spray bottle filled with water
  4. A blow dryer
  5. Hairspray (light)

How to curl hair with a blow dryer?

Step 1: Prep your hair

One of the most important steps to get the perfect home blowout is prepping your hair. You need to brush your hair meticulously, and make sure that your hair is detangled well. Brushing your hair from the roots until the need. “How to curl hair with a blow dryer?” notes that long hair people tend to forget or skip brushing the end of the hair. Forgetting to brush until the end may cause hair knots to form, and it will be difficult while blowing out.

Step 2: Roughly dry or wet your hair

It depends on the method you are using to create curls. You should let your hair be dry or wet. For braiding method, you have to have wet hair to be able to apply that method. On the other hand, curling hair with brush and using diffuser attachment require dry hair.

Roughly drying your hair will help you create curly hair more easily. “How to curl hair with a blow dryer?” suggests that you should roughly blow-dry your hair until it is about 80% dry. To be able to create more volume in your roots, you can do over-directing your roots. It means that you just need to blow-dry your roots upwards. You can get help from a round brush to pull your roots upwards. In addition, by blowing-dry your hair, it can help your hair less damaged since your hair is not exposed to too much heat to small sections.

In contrast, you need to let your hair be wet for bradding and drying with a diffuser. Your hair needs to be damp but not dripping by using a towel after showering. You can dampen your hair by using a wet brush to brush your hair. A wide-tooth comb works as well on damp hair because it creates less breakage.

Step 3: Section off your hair

To keep track of which part you are making style, and to avoid missing parts, “How to curl hair with a blow dryer?” recommends you section off your hair based on each method you are applying.

You can section off your hair horizontally or vertically in at least three layers. You should use a hair tie or a large clip to gather each layer of hair. This way can make your hair easier to curl. Starting from the bottom layer of your hair first is our suggestion if you separate hair horizontally. Remember that the number of layers are created depends on the thickness of your hair. If your hair is thick, you should section off 3 layers.

Step 4: Create your curl

This is an exciting step in the process of “How to curl hair with a blow dryer?”. There are three ways to curl your hair: curling hair with a round brush, braiding and drying straight hair, and diffusing naturally curly hair.


For the first method,  you can curl your hair with a round brush. You need to choose a round brush depending on how curly you want. For a tighter curl, you need to choose a small round brush, while to be able to create bigger curls, you need to go with a large round brush. Take the bottom layer, and place the brush right in the center. Now, you can twist your hair around the brush like you are brushing downwards and keep pulling until the end of the strand.

When you are twist it around, you aim the blow dryer on the brush to blow dry hair and create the curls at the same time. Once you finish the bottom, you can go and do with the other layer, applying the same techniques until completing the look. There are few notes from “How to curl hair with a blow dryer?” is that you should use a medium heat setting at first, and finish it off with a cold setting. Metal brush round brush helps create the best curls.

The second method is braiding and drying hair. If you are planning to use this method, you should dampen and detangle your hair. After having done the step of sectioning off your hair, braiding each section and securing them with hair ties are the next step you need to follow. If you have a thin hair and but you want to have many sections, you should use small elastic hair ties to make your braids more secure. Setting the blow dryer to medium heat and drying your hair is the following step.


“How to curl hair with a blow dryer?” suggests you place the nozzle over each braid, and move the dryer slowly up and down the length of your hair. By this way, your hair is dried evenly. Holding the dryer on one spot of the hair causes damage to your hair. To make sure the braids completely dry, you can touch each braid. The last step is to unravel the braids to reveal wavy hair. Using fingers to separate each braid and fluffing your hair, you can creates a curly look. To keep the look longer, using hairspray is a highly recommended.

Using a diffuser is the last technique that “How to curl hair with a blow dryer?” lists out. After brushing your wet hair, you apply a curl cream to make curls smoother. You should place the diffuser on the end of your blow dryer nozzle so that it distributes the air more evenly. This way helps you dry your curls without making frizz. “How to curl hair with a blow dryer?” thinks the best way to use the diffuser is set it on the medium or low setting.

Now, you start drying with the diffuser at roots. If you want to have more volume in your hair, you just need to flip your head over. Moving the diffuser around your head and placing strands at the nozzle enhance curls. To make your curl look natural, “How to curl hair with a blow dryer?” recommends you just use the diffuser to dry your hair until it is almost dry, and let your hair dry naturally.


Through the “How to curl hair with a blow dryer?” article, we hope that you can know how to curl your hair without a curling. In addition, we have listed three methods to help you to curl your hair with a blow dry. Moreover, you can also know some tips to choose a brush to help create your desired curl.

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