🥇 How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron?

How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron

Nowadays, beachy waves have become the trendy hairstyle. Do you know how most girls on Instagram do beach waves with undone and texture style? You can use a curling tong to create curls, but using flat iron is actually the simplest way to get these waves and curls. Have you ever questioned about how to curl your hair with flat iron? Do not worry too much about that problem, we will you help you to find ways to curl your hair with such a device. In this “How to curl your hair with a flat iron” article, we have compiled the best tips and tricks for learning how to curl your hair with a flat iron.
How to curl your hair with a flat iron

How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron

  1. Choose the type of curl you like

The first step is to decide what kind of curls you want. Maybe romantic curls would be great for a date night. Casual beach waves can be nice to hang out with your friends as it is like you just come back from Hawaii. “How to curl your hair with a flat iron” suggests you to look online for inspiration and different options.

  1. Pick an iron

After knowing what style of curl you want to do, you need to find the right flat iron for curling. You need to consider about the type of plate: titanium or ceramic. Titanium can heat more quickly than ceramic does. Because of that feature, the titanium is obviously more expensive than the ceramic. If you just want to look for a simple plate, ceramic can be a good choice for you. Then, you need to know the plate width and shape. The smaller width with the rounded edges is the best option to do straightening as well as curling. Adjustable temperature is another feature that you need to pay attention to when purchasing an iron.

With different hair types and styles, it requires different heats of the flat iron. The cost is the last factor. Investing more money in purchasing the best iron is suggested by “How to curl your hair with a flat iron”. The more you spend on the iron, the longer and better quality you can get. It is also the poor-quality flat irons that can damage your hair. They can have a big impact on your hair like shine and the consistency of curls.

  1. Preparing your hair

“How to curl your hair with a flat iron” recommends you do curling when your hair is completely clean and dry. You cannot curl with wet hair because it is very dangerous. Even if you have a magical wet-to-dry hair straightener, “How to curl your hair with a flat iron” suggests that you should dry your hair beforehand. The shape of curling will not be achieved as you want if you have dirty hair, so make sure that you wash your hair 24 hours before curling it.

  1. Do not forget to use protection for your hair

The fourth step that “How to curl your hair with a flat iron” lists out is to use heat protection. Applying a heat protection or thermal spray creates a protective barrier between your hair and the iron.  Since the flat iron temperature can go between 250 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, when the heat applies directly to your hair, it can create damage to your hair. In addition, the iron with heat protection can make your hair strengthened and smooth, because in such a device, there are ingredients to do that jobs.

  1. Think about how to divide your hair

This step is an optional one; however, with the experience of curling hair, “How to curl your hair with a flat iron” thinks that sectioning your hair will help you manage the part of your hair that you have done. You should start at the bottom of your scalp, close to your ears and neck. You can leave down as much as you want for the first layer of curls. Ideally you should work with 1 to 2-inch section at a time. When the first layer is done, you can unclip your hair and let down another layer. Repeat this until and all your hair is curled.

  1. It is time to start curling

You can start with the right hand side. Take a small part of your hair, around 1 to 2-inches and feed the section in between the two clamps of the flat iron. You should take the part which is the closest to the nape of your neck. Pull the iron down, and when you get to the point where you want to curl first, you can twist your flat iron away from your face, so the hair flows over the iron. Make sure that the hair will not flow under the iron.

You can image that curling your hair is like you curl a ribbon with a scissor. Apply that technique to create the curl, and you just need to continue to wrap around the flat iron’s barrel as you push the iron toward your ends and release. Depending on how curly you want for your hair, for normal curly hair, you can simply rotate the iron 180 degrees away from your face. However, if you want tighter curls, rotating the device 360 degrees and hold the iron more horizontal are the tricks. Repeat for each section of your hair.

  1. Set curls with hairspray

Before going out with your lovely beachy waves, “How to curl your hair with a flat iron” recommends you use hairspray to keep the curl to stay longer. Spritz a medium-hold hairspray on the hair with your fingers. You may want to do this after each section, and after finishing the curling as well. Doing this will keep curls in.

Through this article “How to curl your hair with a flat iron”, we hope that following these steps you can curl your hair with the flat iron. Moreover, you can also know some tips and tricks to make beautiful beachy waves.

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