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How to Straighten Your Hair with Blow Dryer

Normally people would spend a lot for salons for just a blowout. However, we have you covered right here with this How to Straighten Your Hair with Blow Dryer instruction guide. Our methods are not only budget friendly but also provides the same standard as a hair salon.

Whether your hair is wavy or curly, with the right technique, it can be blown out straight and does not become frizzy or puffy. If you prepare your hair correctly and blow it out carefully, your hair is guaranteed to remain straight, sleek, and shiny for quite some time.

The first step in How to Straighten Your Hair with Blow Dryer, strangely enough, does not actually have anything to do with a hair dryer.

Method 1 – Prepping your hair

        I.            Having the right tools

Perhaps the most crucial equipment when it comes to straightening your hair is a good hair dryer. The dryer must have a suitable nozzle that ensures a direct and concentrated stream of heat, resulting in a much smoother and faster blowout than a dryer without one.

While most hair dryers do include a nozzle attachment in the box, it is always easy to get some from a beauty supply store if yours did not come with one. Besides the nozzle, you will also need the following:

  • Hair oil, or some might know it as anti-frizz serum
  • Heat protectant
  • A large and boar-bristle brush
  • A comb with wide teeth

      II.            Wash your hair

If you want to make the entire process of How to Straighten Your Hair with Blow Dryer easier, you do not need to do much; just wash your hair using regular shampoo and conditioner like you normally do. However, you have to keep one thing in mind; since you are going to blow your hair out straight, you should consider using a combination of straightening shampoo and conditioner to minimize your hair volume before the blowout process.

    III.            Blot it dry

Once you have stepped out of the shower, use a towel or maybe an old, clean shirt to gently dry out all the remaining water from your hair. Remember not to squeeze, rub, or twist your hair too much as the act can make your hair frizzy.

   IV.            Comb it out

Next, use a comb with wide teeth to comb your hair and remove any tangles. It is more desirable to start the blowout without any tangles since they can potentially damage your hair if you brush pass it.

     V.            Apply heat protectant

During the course of How to Straighten Your Hair with Blow Dryer, your hair is exposed to a lot of heat, which can negatively affect its condition. Heat protectant products generally contain polymers that, when applied onto your hair, can protect it from getting fried by the dryer. Spray a little bit of heat protectant into your hands, rub them together, and then smoothly apply it into your hair, from roots to tips. If the product does not bind well to your hair, you can use some additional straightening cream or mousse. And it goes without saying that you should check the labels before hand just to be sure.

  • In case you do not have a heat protectant, you should still apply leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz serum with mousse or gel to provide a better hold. Having some protection is better than having none at all.
  • Having said that, do not use too much product because it can make your hair greasy and limp instead of shiny and sleek.

   VI.            Move to the anywhere else but the bathroom

Finally, high humidity can cause your hair to frizz up, especially if you have curly hair. So, blow drying your hair in the bath right after a shower is not a good idea. Thus, to get the best result, you should move to another room, with a good mirror and much less humidity, to blow dry.

Now that you are done with the preparation, the next method on How to Straighten Your Hair with Blow Dryer is blow drying.

Method 2 – Blowing it out

        I.            Rough dry your hair

Do not jump into blow drying your hair right away when you reach this part of How to Straighten Your Hair with Blow Dryer. Start by brushing and drying it to about 80% dry. Use one hand to hold the dryer a few inches away from your head, comb and toss your hair with the other hand so that all the layers are dried evenly. You should stop when your hair is still damp but no longer dripping wet.

      II.            Pin up the top layers

Flock the top layers of your hair and either ponytail or pin them on top of your head. Start by drying the bottom layers, and as you go, slowly unpin more layers until your hair is completely dry. Doing it this way will ensure your hair is dried and straightened evenly.

    III.            Roll up a small section of hair around your bush

Just pick any hair section you want and roll it up around the brush close to the roots. Keep the brush as close as possible to your head, with the hair rolled around it hangs downwards.

   IV.            Turn on the hair dryer and start drying

Halfway through this tutorial on How to Straighten Your Hair with Blow Dryer is actually when you get to use the dryer. Turn the dryer to medium heat and position it 2 to 3 inches from the brush so that you will minimize the damage to your hair. However, we recommend using high heat if you have extremely curly hair.

     V.            Angle the dryer down

Using the brush, pull your hair taut down, and run from roots to tips. At the same time, point the dryer down and move it along the length of your hair. Remember to move both the brush and dryer in sync with one another.

   VI.            Repeat until the section is dry

Normally, you will need to repeat this process several times before the hair section is dry entirely. Make sure to brush from roots to tips and angle the dryer downward.

 VII.            Move on section by section

Layers by layers; keep going until your hair is completely dry.

Move on to the last method of How to Straighten Your Hair with Blow Dryer.

Method 3 – Finishing the look

        I.            Cold air

Switch the dryer to cold air option and start blasting your hair, from roots to tips of the top layer. This should help the hair shaft stay flat and frizzing-free for the entire day. In addition, you will be able to feel whether there are any damp spots left that need another round of blow dryer.

      II.            Apply serum

If you want to go the extra mile and further protect your hair, use an anti-frizz serum or oil. Rub a bit of serum through your fingers and brush it through your hair but direct your attention to the tips as they are more likely to dry out faster than the rest.

    III.            Straightening iron

For those with curly or wavy hair, it can be hard to straighten your hair with just a dryer, even when you have followed all the steps on this How to Straighten Your Hair with Blow Dryer list. In this case, you may want to use a straightening iron on each section of hair.

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